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1400 years, Iran

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گفتگوی جناب آقای اردشير زاهدی
-راديو تلويزيون سوييس 14 جولای 2015-

Ambassador Zahedi’s Reaction to the Vienna Agreement A new Chapter of Hope

Extracts from an Interview on Swiss Radio and Television (RTS.CH) July 14th. 2015

Zahedi had already committed Iran to peaceful use of nuclear energy 46 years ago

We invited today the one man who has never said “niet” to negotiations and has searched for diplomatic solution to issues throughout his career to comment on the historic Geneva agreement. He is at present a resident in our country, Switzerland and is called Ardeshir Zahedi who was Iran’s last ambassador to the United States until the 1979 Revolution and the rupture of the diplomatic relations between the two countries.


In 1968, while Minister of Foreign Affairs, Zahedi signed the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and committed his country to the peaceful use of nuclear energy. Ambassador Zahedi, what is your reaction to the Vienna deal:

AZ: It is a new chapter in history. I am unbelievably happy and I think I share the feeling of some 80 million inhabitants of my country, a population that for more than 50 per cent is still very young and dynamic, amongst them some twenty million young girls often highly educated. They all have great expectations for the future and are the dreams of a better tomorrow. I think the whole world is happy. I have often said and written that true diplomacy means face-to face dialogue; you must speak to your enemies as well as your friends, be honest and sincere. Diplomacy means looking for peace and understanding, avoiding war and disaster. This agreement brings hope and understanding to replace fear and threats of war; it brings more stability to the region and I think and hope that this would be the first step.

Obviously, I have not yet studied the whole hundred-page long document and its legal attachments, but I feel profoundly happy and I think all people of the world who love peace are happier today than they were yesterday.

RTS: Do you think that the western world can trust the Iranian Government in the respect and implementation of this agreement?

AZ: Every Government should represent the people and the will of the nation. Today the majority of Iranians still suffer from the situation created by the excessive sanctions and disproportional restrictions. Now they will get their money back and all that was confiscated in the recent years. Western countries can once again return to Iran and participate in the development of the country as they were doing in the past.

Iran is a different country from what you know in the region. Women in my country have the right to vote, they are represented in the Parliament and in government. Yes, we can have confidence in the people of Iran. If no one were convinced of the existing good will, there would have been no reason whatsoever to accept, to conclude and to sign this agreement devoting so much time and energy to the cause with such tenacity and courage.

RTS: You were the last Ambassador who stayed in the Iranian Embassy in Washington, that beautiful building facing the residence of the Vice President of the United States. The Embassy remains empty has been deserted for more than 30 years. Though we are not yet that close, but do you think sometime in a near future it would again become functional and active? Do you personally see a prospect for re-establishment of complete diplomatic relation between Tehran and Washington?

AZ: I do sincerely hope that this will come true, even though it may not be just in the next few months or so. We have had historical relations with the western countries and particularly with the United States of America. An American like Howard Baskerville even sacrificed his life to fight for our cause, joining the Iranian battle for parliamentary democracy. I see no reason why the two countries should not be able to reconcile and become friends as they were before. To me this is a good start. What has passed in the last few days refreshes that hope. The Vienna agreement can now serve as a basis for reconstruction of relations and a new diplomacy based on dialogue and good will. Honest people can sit together, speak to each other and use their energy and talent for peace and understanding. Let me tell you something, that in the whole history, never an American secretary of State has ever sat and discussed with an Iranian or any other counterpart for such a long time. This proves that there was good will and a determination in all participating parties to find a solution to this long-standing problem.

RTS: Thank you Mr Ambassador.

گفتگوی جناب زاهدی در تاريخ 14 جولای 2015 را زير سند ببنيد.

Time line:

History of Iran starts 2500 years before Christ .

1160 years later Muslims occupied land of nobles, for over 1400 Iranians fought to deport the occupiers.

33 years ago they re-occupied our homeland. The Renaissance is on its way..!

Persian Kings

Cyrus 559-530 BC -29 years
Cambyses 530 BC -522 8 years
Darius 521-486 BC -35years
Xerxes 486-465 BC -21 years

It is up to the people of Iran, to form powerful resistance preventing dictatorship We believe that as long as there are people living in Iran, it is our responsibility to resist the injustice.

بر اين باور هستيم تا زمانی که در ايران زندگی هست، مسئوليت ما است تا در مقابل نا برابری ها مقاومت کنيم
We pledge alliance, with those who voice against religious regimes, terror, and welcome secularism, separation of religion and the state, we seek freedom and peace!
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