1400 years, Iran

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After Islam..

Muslim Rulers:

Islam based on Mazdak (an Iranian) teaching who believed Wealth and Women are the fundamental of human conflicts, (war). He encourages wealth and women shared. Similar idea that Karl Marks emerged in Germany.

Therefore based on Maskad's teaching dictatorship penetrated into Islam. Most of the hundreds of Muslims rulers, caliphs, sultans or ayatollahs, believed in a totalitarian regime, a dictatorship as complete as the one of Hitler or Stalin... even a more complete dictatorship, because it always included the total religious ruling on top of the political, social, and economic ruling. They believed there is not wealth or assets belonging to human and GOD is the full custodian of, women, wealth. The rulers have mission to accomplish commanded by Allah.

1- Origins—Mohammed (570-632)
        Mohammed's birth in Mecca 570  (Christian Calendar)
        Mohammed marries Khadija  595
        Mohammed begins talking about the Koran  611
        Travels to Medina (Hijra) (622), Mohammad  led 80 battles by
        Mohammed's followers conquer Mecca (630)
        Mohammed dies. (632)

2- Four Righteous Caliphs (632-661)
        Abu Bakr (632-634)
        Islam moves West to Egypt, North to Syria, East to Iran.
        Umar (634-644)
        Text of Quran established by Uthman and Umar
        Uthman (644-656)
        Ali (656-661)

3: The Early Empires—Classical Islam (661-1258)
        Islam moves West across North Africa to Spain, East to  India, and North to Samarkand.
        Umayyad Dynasty (661-750)  
        Shiism separates from rest of ummah (680s)
        Abbasid Dynasty (750-1258)  
        Ismaili Shiism founded (765)
        Twelver Shiism founded (874)
        Authoritative Hadith collections (800s-900s)
        Fatimid Dynasty in Egypt (909-1171)
        Christian Crusades to the Holy Land (1095-1270)

4: The Later Empires (1258-1918)
        Dehli Sultanates of North India (1200-1526)
        Muslim States in Southern India (1350-1680)
        Ottoman Empire (1380-1918)
        Ottomans conquer Christian Constantinople, rename it Istanbul (1453)
        Christians drive last of Moslems out of Spain. (1492)
        Safavid dynasty in Iran (1501-1799)
        Mughal dynasty in India (1526-1857)
        Taj Mahal completed (1654)


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...بيشتر بخوانيد

  It is up to the people of Iran, to form powerful resistance preventing dictatorship We believe that as long as there are people living in Iran, it is our responsibility to resist the injustice. We pledge alliance, with those who voice against religious regimes, terror, and welcome secularism, separation of religion and the state, we seek freedom and peace!  
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